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Donations are 100% tax exempt and serve to support our efforts to raise DIPG Awareness as well as contribute to DIPG families and DIPG research. Any amount will help and always is greatly appreciated!


Upcoming 2019 Events

Maiy's Miracle Painting With A Purpose

Sunday February 10 5pm

Monroeville Location

Maiy's Miracle Motorcycle Run

  Saturday July 27

  • May 2013 –  Maiyanna diagnosed with DIPG, foundation was developed to support her journey. MaiyMerch was designed to raise awareness and support.
  • June 2013- Maiy continued radiation therapy and Maiy's Cans for Cancer established. 
  • July 2013 – Maiyanna finished radiation therapy, proceeded with sponsored celebrations, Disney Make-A-Wish trip (http://wish.org/refer-a-child/who-is-eligible), and alternative treatment. (Please consult your doctor regarding alternative treatment.)
  • September 2013- Maiyanna and her best friend visited Give Kids the World, Kissimee, FL and Disney World. Following, Maiy got her passport and left for alternative treatment at Stella Maris Clinic, Tijuana.
  • April 2014  - Maiyanna passed away on the 16th, Tumor donated through The Monje Lab; Stanford School of Medicine-  memorial celebration ensued and per her request Maiy's Miracle continues. 
  • August 2014-  Recieved update on Maiy's tumor; growth following extraction was rapid, valuable MRNA data collected, continued to be monitored in lab; First Annual Maiy's Miracle Fashion show is a success, donations to DIPG Families total $1000.
  • April 2016-The Maiyanna Marie Antoinette Clemons-McCarthy DIPG Research Scholarshipdonated to s student at The Monje Lab,Stanford School of Medicine.
  • April 2018- Monje Lab excels in DIPG Research, credits Maiy's Miracle for Support, Clinical Trial expected start date Spring 2019

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Maiyannas diagnosis was devastating to our family. However, those of you supporting Maiy's Miracle along with Jehovah's Holy Spirit gave us both the strength to Never Ever Give Up and make the best decisions we could. Maiy fell asleep with the resurrection hope found at Acts 24:15. Although Jehovah's Kingdom can provide the ultimate relief from DIPG, we can help researchers today find a cure by donating DIPG tumor. Thank you,  for all your support!   

-Mycah Clemons

A NOTE FROM Maiy's Mom

It has been suggested that a cure for DIPG might result in a cure for almost every other type of cancer (Brain Tumor Facts, Smiles For Sophie Forever, Retrieved Feb. 15, 2015, from http://smilesforsophieforever.org/awareness/braintumorfacts.aspx).

Advancement in DIPG research could improve with an increase in DIPG tumor donation. Maiy's parents made the difficult choice to donate Maiyanna's tumor to associates of The Monje Lab Stanford, California (http://neurology.stanford.edu/labs/monjelab/contact.html). Please consult your doctors or advocates regarding tumor donation.


We welcome opportunities to support DIPG Families. Please contact us with any questions.

Maiy's Miracle is a non-profit 100% volunteer organization interested in raising DIPG awareness, supporting DIPG families through education, research and DIPG brain tumor donation.

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